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As young at heart as she is in voice, Laura has a unique way of channeling and delivering true free-spiritedness and child-like wonder that appeals to kids and adults alike. But don’t let her youthful sound fool you, she’s been around a few blocks in her life. She ventured from voice & scene studies and radio work to a long stint as a postal carrier – until that little voice in her belly became a lot louder than the wheels of her mail truck and returned her to honing and actualizing her lifelong passion for voiceover.

What makes Laura’s brand of quirky sound so entertaining and effective is her ability to be authentically cute, excited, dorky and bright with a bit less squeak and a lot more engaging clarity. And she’s as much of a reliable joy to work with as she is to listen to, for Laura is dedicated to providing top notch VO service along with quirky, catchy & colorful listening fun for everyone – including you!



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